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Automated GUI Testing-GaTI

Updated: May 20, 2021

GUI Automation Test Interface Tool

GaTI is a test automation tool that automates the end-to-end testing of GUI embedded applications. GaTI helps save testing time, reduce cost & defect count, and maintains quality and sanity of the GUI application development process, enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment

The motivation behind GaTI were the problems that the GUI automation industry faces, such as cumbersome testing process, inefficient report generation, and comparison methods, delays in testing process and validation, more manpower, and lesser quality of deliverables.

GaTI addresses all the above problems efficiently.

Where does GaTI fit in ?


  • Enables continuous integration and continuous deployment

GaTI automates the generation of comparison databases from the design file and application executable and auto-generates the APIs for writing the test cases by using advanced Computer Vision techniques.

  • Easier Debugging and Support

Generates & records operational logs - both image captures and text - of all the executed test cases, enabling traceability. Our team provides support throughout the product development lifecycle.

  • Supports QT and XML design files

The tools support design files, such as XML and QT.

  • Enables wider test coverage

GaTI autogenerates APIs to develop the test scripts for feature, system and regression testing. GaTI enables frequent, faster and repeatable test runs, which help with spotting regressions faster, making defects easier and cheaper to fix, thus enabling linear project delivery.

  • Pixel level Variation Detection

The tool has the capability to detect even upto single pixel level variations without compromising on the speed of execution, ensuring higher accuracy, improving quality and generating faster comprehensive results.


  • Reduces defect count by 82% and ensures linear product delivery

  • Reduces development & testing time by 47% through automation

  • Reduces cost by 69% and saves manpower by 50%

GUI Automated Test Interface Demo video

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