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Customer Delivery and Response Policy

At our company, we understand the importance of delivering successful client projects that meet their unique needs and requirements. To ensure that we provide the highest level of services for project executions, product development, or for post product services, we embrace and Agile Mindset and  Customer First approach. 


We work with our customers and develop a strategy for project execution and post deployment support. 


We support Agile delivery process so that our customers can iterate over product increments to achieve the desired products within the given time and budget.


We identify the best communication channels with our customers to be as responsive as possible, we can also guide customers to the channel that will best serve them.


We develop post production (warranty/ support) SLAs with our customers and our goals will be to meet 100% the SLA. We continuously improve our processes by using metrics such as First Time Right (FTR), Mean Time to Restore (MTTR), SLA based turnaround time (Cycle Time, Lead Time)


We cross train our employees on different project and products to ensure sufficient availability to meet our customer needs.

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