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Agri Tech solution based on ESP-32 hardware and software with WiFi

The Ai based Agri tech system developed by Zackriya Solutions is an Artificial (Ai) intelligence based solution for monitoring and managing an agri-ecosystem for precision agriculture enabling maximum productivity and efficiency for the farmer, thereby helping the farming community to maximize their yield and profit value per acre.


The system is a byproduct of our Company’s efforts in developing Ai based sensor & control systems for various applications. This system is capable of measuring parameters such as humidity, moisture, temperature, soil parameters etc from an agricultural field and automates the control of parameters in the field such as irrigation, fertiliser control etc based on the data collected from the sensors and data based on crop PoP. The web based application facilitates online monitoring and automated Ai based control of parameters for precision agriculture. The data collected and control information will be displayed on the master Control PC/Laptop/SBC/Mobile app, where the user can monitor the status of parameters and inputs provided to the crops under the auto Ai based system.

        The system basically consists of nodes incorporating sensors and control units which form a mesh network in the selected agricultural plot. The nodes are connected to an aggregator node. The aggregator node is connected to a computer which in turn is connected to the cloud for enabling web applications.

Artificial intelligence is integrated into the node, edge device, so that a subset of computations and predictions can be performed at the edge device. Only the necessary information is passed on to the cloud, thus reducing the network data, saves power and reduces the computational overhead of the cloud, making the system intelligent and efficient. The cloud is interfaced with a user interface where the user can monitor and custom control various parameters of the system.

The system can cater to different farmers with multiple agriculture plots and multiple crops.It also enables remote monitoring and control of parameters for authorized users.

Different types of sensors are connected to the node for capturing the data on the field. These parameters are read and transmitted to an aggregator node wirelessly through bluetooth. The data is then processed by the central unit which is connected to the cloud. The data is processed from the cloud along with other global parameters. The processed data is then displayed on a PC/LT/Mobile App and action items passed on to the aggregator unit, which then communicates with the control nodes for appropriate actions.

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