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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

 We have proven expertise in AI & ML, building automation-based products and solutions. We have core expertise in the prediction and analysis of data using deep learning and machine learning models. The team also has the capability to train and implement these models on servers, micro controllers and mobile devices.



Our expertise


Machine Learning

Supervised & unsupervised learning, CNN, classification, regression models, Natural language processing, Customized Chat-bots, Time series analysis, Stock prediction, and other forecasting models, Parameter Tuning


Deep Learning, Automation

TinyML, Tensorflow Lite Micro, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Ai on edge (AIoT)


Computer Vision

Image Processing, Image Recognition, Face Recognition, OCR, ALPR, Image Segmentation, Object Detection, Image Tagging


Data Engineering

Data integration from multiple sources, enrichment & feature creation

Data Visualization

Creating interactive & insightful dashboards in all popular tools


  • Automated collection of data from different sources.

  • Preprocessing using statistical methods

  • Visualization in different means

  • Model training

  • Prediction

  • Cloud Hosting and Pipelining


Programming Languages

Python | R | Julia | SQL | C++ | LaTeX


Operating Systems

Gnu/Linux based (Ubuntu | Debian | Arch Linux | Raspbian | JetPack | ESP | RTOS, ROS) | Windows

Tools and Frameworks

Tensorflow | Keras | PyTorch | BERT | CUDA | YoloCUDA | Pandas | Pytesseract | OpenCV | Numpy | Scipy | Seaborn | PySpark | Matplotlib | Plotly | StatModels | Scikit-learn | Flask | BeautifulSoup | Selenium | Django | Flask| Postgresql | MySQL | AWS | Sqlite


R Packages

TSstudio | h2o | Forecast | Lubridate | dplyr | Ggplot2 | Plotly | xts | zoo

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