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Where does GaTI fit in!

GaTI - GUI Automated Testing Interface.

  • Enables automated end-to-end GUI testing.

  • Generates test reports and logs with text and images.

  • Provides customized APIs to develop test scripts.

  • Enables Continuous Integration and Development.

  • Supports Windows, Mac & Linux OS.

GUI Automation Test Interface Tool

GUI Automation is the process of simulating mouse and keyboard actions on windows and controls. ... It can recognize graphical objects by their platform-specific attributes and provides a unified GUI automation API that works the same way everywhere.

To keep pace with the ever-increasing demand for higher software quality, the full end-to-end testing of software products has become a common practice. By exercising the application via the graphical user interface (GUI), testers assume the position of the user which yields a lot of benefits. For example, GUI tests exercise a huge portion of the applications’ source code with relatively little effort. GUI testing lets testers get a lot of ‘leverage.’


  • Enables faster testing cycles without compromising on quality.

GaTI automates the testing of the application by capturing and analyzing the GUI elements from XML files, auto-generates from the design tool, by using advanced Computer Vision techniques.

  • Maintains sanity during the development cycle.

GaTI enables frequent, fast, and repeatable test runs, which help with spotting regressions faster, making defects easier and cheaper to fix, resulting in linear project completion.

  • Easier Debugging & Support

Generates image logs, both before & after captures, and text logs for all the cases that are executed. Our team provides support throughout the product development cycle.


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