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Problems faced by GUI Test Automation

Updated: May 11, 2021

Problems GaTI addresses:

  • Automating hardware feature testing is cumbersome and does not ensure the coverage of GUI application features and requirements. Before the GUI design features are tested on hardware we can ensure the completion of entire GUI features as per the requirements through automation - thus ensuring linear product deliver

  • Hardware is expensive, and providing hardware for every QA / developer to test his / her feature is going to shoot up the cost. So a GUI executable or an integrated simulator which can be tested/automated saves cost of operations.

  • Executes the test cases 3 times faster than manual testing - saves time with improved quality.

  • Product timelines met and man-hours saved with improvement in quality. The manpower was reduced by 50% and the test team could focus more on improving the quality of the test scripts rather than running the repeated tasks.

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