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A pytest plugin that automates test scripts and generates JSON reports for the tests

Software test automation allows engineers to focus on much more crucial components of quality assurance while the automation tool handles the tasks that are mundane and repeatable, bringing in cost savings and making the system more efficient.

Our latest test automation tool developed for our client, Ali Raz is a Pytest plugin that runs automated test scripts and generates JSON reports for the tests. This open-source project called pytest-railflow-testrail-reporter ( is used by people across the world to generate Pytest reports in JSON format.

Why does this tool matter?

As we all know, the world operates on API calls, and the JSON file format is utilised to effectively handle these requests. Pytest can automatically generate HTML and XML reports. However, integrating it into an agile CI/CD infrastructure proved tough. This is where pytest-railflow-testrail-reporter comes in to assist users to capture crucial points for the report.

Mr Ali Raza discovered this critical flaw in pytest and approached us to build him the solution. We designed the tool with the following features in mind:

  1. The report generated contains crucial information like the name of the user, Jira id, Jira task id, etc to keep the tests organized and well maintained.

  2. The ability to add information as tags so that important information is kept during and after the tests.

  3. The JSON file can easily be integrated with CI/CD tools to display interactive test reports and help in tracking issues.

  4. Added codecodecov tests to ensure code coverage.

  5. Used GitHub actions for the development of the tool

  6. Made the tool open source and added it to PyPIypi so that people can use it.

  7. Added Python 3 and Python2 support. (use ‘pip install pytest-railflow-testrail-reporter’ to check out the tool)

  8. Made the tool open source as per the client’s requirement (

Mr Ali Raza was satisfied with the work and below is what he had to say about our effort:

We approach work by first thoroughly understanding the clients' needs, and then formulating a plan to build the solution. Ali is a wonderful customer to work with. In this project, the needs were explained clearly from the start, and he assisted in answering all of our inquiries. It was a great learning opportunity for our team. In the future, we would really want to collaborate and work with Ali and other clients like him.

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