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Zackriya Solutions Receives First Review from Clutch

We constantly strive for creating value for our clients and keeping this culture alive. Today we are delighted to share our experience with all of you. We started our journey with Texas-based real estate company, New Atlantis, with the aim to help them increase their sales and revenue by around 50% and to reduce their processing time considerably. After identifying relevant factors in the real estate domain like taxes, code violations, etc, we collected and organized the data. Then we used data science techniques to predict the likelihood of a property going on sale even before it was officially listed. This helped the client to be an early mover and therefore giving a considerable advantage in the cut-throat real estate market.

In the process of creating these custom solutions we also created a data pipeline to continuously pull and process data for the client so that most manual steps that used to take a considerable amount of time, sometimes days, have been cut down to a few hours. These pipelines consume, clean, organize, compute and create reports for the client. The data pipelines and data science techniques were implemented using Python, and the databases we used are AWS based. A month’s data would consist of about 2 million rows from disparate sources, and the reports generated for the client consists of a few hundred lines. We continue to work with New Atlantis today, to maintain the processes we created and to improve the results by getting constant feedback from the client.

With that, we’re excited to share the very first review we received on the platform!

The client was delighted with our work. The platform shortened their data gathering process from two months into 1–2 days, saving them time, money, and effort. The client was impressed with our thorough understanding of the project’s requirements. They also praised our creativity, communication skills, and flexibility.

“Zackriya Solutions was a communicative and proactive partner that delivered quality results within my budget range,” said Kevin Matthew, founder and owner of the real estate company. “I got everything I needed.”

The client then rated us for a number of factors. We’re pleased to receive perfect five-star ratings on our work quality, cost-effectiveness, likelihood to be referred, and overall customer satisfaction!

By the way, we’re also featured on Top Design Firms as a Most Recommended Machine Learning Consulting Company! Top Design Firms is a new player in the B2B design services space. A sister website of Clutch, they compile and organize companies that offer marketing, design, and development services. We’re proud to be recognized for our excellence in automation technology!

We thank our client for giving us the opportunity to work with their team and for providing our very first review on Clutch. Their thoughtful and honest comments about our work give us insight into our strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, their positive review proves our expertise in software development, and it affirms our commitment to our clients!

At Zackriya Solutions, we make lives easier and businesses efficient through innovative technology solutions. We’re a technology consulting agency that provides services in the field of embedded system design and development, AI and ML development, global expansion solutions, and more. Our team has the experience of working with global clients across industries such as medical equipment, automobile, agriculture, communication, and defence. We are focused on optimizing operations and driving profitability!

To reach a wider audience, we recently joined Clutch, the leading B2B reviews and rating platform.

Do you have any projects in mind? Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can work together to reach your goals!

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