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Global Expansion Solutions

As your Employer of Record (EoR) in India, our aim is to enable you to reduce costs of hiring and manpower, in order to  meet opportunities head on. We achieve this for you through our global expansion solutions - which focus on growth and sustainability - without adding the extra burden of overheads.



Cost Reduction

Lower your manpower costs by more than 50%. Zackriya brings you world-class expertise, and at the fraction of the cost you’re spending today.

Access to quality talent

With our network and experience, we can connect you with the best human resources for your needs, borders no bar.

Staying in control

We’ve got you - but the power is yours. Think of your remote team as your own team away from home. We’re here to see your vision through.

Rapid growth and sustainability

Stay lean and flexible. Scale up or down as you need - quickly and resourcefully. A sustainable strategy lets you operate with more freedom.


Bespoke Solutions

Our aim is your growth. All our services are customizable and flexible to suit your needs.

HR Management

We provide end-to-end HR solutions which include recruitment and hiring, administrative on boarding, payroll management, and employee benefits management.

Payroll Management

We take responsibility for all statutory, payroll, and other employee benefits while you manage the employees day to day work and productivity.


Legal Entity

We become your legal Employer on Record while you focus on growing your company.

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